Custom Creations team up with YZY at the HIA home show Sydney

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

For three action-packed days, the team were hard at work showcasing the sensational Sicilia Panorama 30 at this years HIA Home Show in Sydney.

With thousands of guests attending the event over the weekend, our fully equipped Sicilia Panorama 30 was a key attraction for families, couples and businesses seeking a new space for their place.

“Simple to build, certainly at the right price, the right size, not too big not too small, it’ll be perfect for our teenage kids, keep them close but get them out of the house” - Homeshow Attendee

The Sicilia Panorama 30 is the perfect backyard cabin, versatile and simple to install. The open plan design and high ceilings offer a zen-like living space well suited as a Granny Flat, B'n'B, Holiday Home, Teenage Retreat, Home Gym, Home Yoga Studio, Man-cave, She-shed, Creative Space or Home Office.

“The great majority of people have a standard block that is 450m² - 700m². People want something that will fit comfortably on their block and the fact that they can have a kitchenette and a bathroom in something that is only 30m² was really pleasing to learn.” Carol - Custom Creations Sales Manager

One of the key differentiators of YZY Granny Flats over other options in the market is how their modern European design gives them a very "Non-Granny Feel", that's not to say Granny won't love it, in fact, she will be over the moon!

When considering installing a Granny Flat in your backyard, in many cases, positioning wise, your new dwelling is likely to sit in a direct line of sight from the main home, so its really important that not only is your Granny Flat or backyard Cabin functional, but also, visually pleasing. The team at YZY have really nailed the brief when it comes to ensuring their products meet the functionality and durability test but are also architecturally designed to add value wherever they reside.

The Scandinavian design allows all of our YZY Studios, Cabins and Granny Flats to arrive on-site flat-packed and ready for DIY or Professional Installation. The interlocking 'log cabin' system means a backyard Cabin/Granny Flat like the Sicilia Panorama 30 featured about at the HIA Home Show can be installed to lock up in your back yard in 3-4 Days, without the need for cranes, excavation, machinery or high-cost labour.

Thinking a YZY backyard Studio, Cabin or Granny Flat could be perfect at your place? Give our expert team a call today to find out how you can get some extra space at your place quickly, simply and on-budget.