Building a Backyard Cabin as a home office

Updated: Jan 30

There is simply no doubt that for much of 2020, more and more of us have been working from home.

In some of the biggest capitals around the world, hundreds of office spaces sit vacant, many of these cities have little to no restrictions on; at least some part of the workforce returning to the office, however, for many, it just isn't happening?

A future where working from home permanently or at least a few days a week is very much a reality for thousands of Victorians in 2020. Businesses big and small from all over the country are embracing the opportunity to go remote, the demand for home offices and studios is at a high.

Most of us are ready to embrace the idea of working from home, however, there is one big problem and that is space.

When we go to work, we remove ourselves from our home surroundings, laundry, kids, spouse, whatever it might be and it can help us focus, free from distraction. Throughout 2020 there would be few of us who haven't experience turning your kitchen table into your office, the temptation to never get out of your pj's, an interrupted zoom meeting or that feeling like your home and office have no distinct border. This is especially unpleasant if more than one of us is working from home.

Having your own home office or creative studio can change your remote working life forever and make a big difference to your focus, productivity and all-round happiness.

The Crete Panorama backyard kit studio or home office - Professionally Installed or DIY in Victoria

The Crete Panorama has by far been our most popular backyard studio in 2020, with most families choosing to have it professionally installed right in their backyard. Those who are more adventurous have opted for the DIY or do it yourself approach allowing them to build their new studio, just about anywhere, in a single afternoon.

While many of our clients in 2020 have purpose-built their new Crete Panorama as a home office we have certainly seen our fair share or creative uses such as; creative studios, teenage retreats, music rooms, man-caves, she-sheds, home gyms, site offices, game rooms, garden studios and even guest accommodation.

The European design of our backyard studios does not only make them functional and simple to install but they also add value wherever they reside. Unlike a treated pine or cedar garden shed our products are built with a unique flat-pack design and seamlessly lock together just like a log cabin. They are aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly and constructed from robust 45mm Nordic spruce lengths meaning they don't require any additional insulation.

If you are looking for something Bigger our second most popular backyard studio is the Skyros 19m².

The Skyros backyard kit studio or home office - Professionally Installed or DIY in Victoria

Elegantly designed with its Skillion roofline, double glazed windows/doors and an abundance of space.

All of our backyard kit studio's meet strict Australian building standards and can be installed professionally by our expert, authorised custom creations team.

If a home office or studio could be perfect for your place, get in touch with our expert team today!