3 DIY Backyard Cabin Kits you can install in a weekend

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

With thousands of Victorian's now transitioning to working from home permanently, home office space is more in demand than ever before, with so many families looking to build home office spaces we thought we would share with your our top 3 most popular DIY Backyard Cabin Kits you can install this weekend.

#1 Milos - 14m²

Simple, smart and compact. The Milos is a fantastic addition to any backyard, from Home Office to pool Cabana, this studio has everything you need to add a little space at your place.

#2 Corsica Panorama - 18m²

Robust, elegant and sun-drenched. The Corsica Panorama is a classic backyard studio, equipped with doubled glazed windows & doors, a panoramic outlook and a gable roofline. This simple cabin offers everything you could need for a home office to a home gym.

#3 Crete Panorama - 10m²

Seamless, Spacious and Robust. The Crete Panorama is one of our most popular backyard studios, its unique design offers easy installation and with a little know-how can be completed DIY in an afternoon. Panoramic windows, Nordic Spruce construction and high ceilings make this a compelling option for your next investment.

That concludes our list of the top 3 most popular DIY Backyard Cabin Kits you can install this weekend.

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