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Experience has taught us that when it comes to building backyard cabins, there are a few key fundamentals that when followed correctly, completely transformed our customers experience.


The two most important steps (while they might seem basic) are to find out as early as possible:


#1 - Is your block suitable for a backyard cabin? If so, what will it cost to build?


#2 -  Are there any permits required? If so, what do they cost?


Our customers will tell you that having the answers to these simple questions early, dramatically reduces the likelihood of any surprises along the way and ultimately set them on a path to achieve their cabin goals quickly and seamlessly.

We have built a simple system to give you access to the answers to both of these questions in just a few clicks and a brief meeting.


If you are interested in how much the inspection costs or what is included, scroll dow for more information below the calendar.

Choose a date & time below for your Step #2 Initial Meeting.


1 - Make a booking online through our app, choose an appointment date and time.

Note: A fee of $250.00 Inc GST is required for your initial pre-assessment, this fee covers the cost of our 3rd party compliance team assessment.


2 - We visit you at your build location. While on-site we spend 1-hour discussing your plans, goals and design ideas. Once we have discussed your initial plans, our build team conduct a basic measure and mark out for your new cabin in your ideal location.


3 - The information gathered at our appointment is used to create your initial estimate for your build.


4 - The information gathered at our appointment is then supplied to our compliance team who conduct an Aerial assessment of your block, the ideal build location, they communicate with your local council to understand your specific requirements and liaise with our preferred surveyor regarding any other compliance items that may be required.



Here is what you should expect from your Initial Meeting



Report #1 - Your Estimate

Your estimate may include the following site specific cost estimations for:


  • The Cabin Build & Installation

  • Plumbing Connection (If Required)

  • Electrical Connection

  • Subfloor & Footings

  • Bathroom Fit-out (If Required)

  • Kitchenette Fit-out (If Required)

  • Floor & Wall Coverings

  • Decking and any other additional requests or customisations.



Report #2 - Your Compliance Assessment

Our compliance team will provide you with a report outlining your build details and if your build is likely to require any of the following as well as the costs involved for:

  • Planning overlay and zoning consideration

  • Building Permit's

  • Council Planning Permit's

  • Soil Test's

  • BAL Rating Assessment's

  • Energy Rating Assessment's

  • Architectural Drawings for your Cabin

  • Engineering Drawings for your footing's

  • Building Surveyor

  • Site Plan & Measure