Solid Timber VS Frame Built Backyard Cabins

Updated: Jan 13

When it comes to building a log cabin kit home, there are a-lot of options, from spacious 2 bedroom Granny Flats to simple Backyard Cabins and while its important to find the right product for you, one factor we find is often overlooked, is the main material the structure is built from.

The modern backyard kit home comes in a variety of different material choices, from cheaper Pine options to high quality Nordic Spruce. One other important factor to look at when deciding to buy a Backyard Granny Flat or Cabin is the build type, in the case of our YZY Products, they are constructed from a solid interlocking timber design ranging in thickness (See below - Left). Other options may be constructed as a traditional frame build with a thin external wall, a pine frame, insulation and a plaster board inner wall. (See below - Right)

What are the benefits of Solid wall construction?

The simplicity of our solid wall construction allows our Cabins and Granny Flats to arrive on site flat packed and means far less labour and materials are required to complete the structure. The unique interlocking timber design allows our team to construct a completed frame for a two bedroom Granny flat in 2-3 days and a backyard cabin in a matter of hours, significantly saving time and reducing substantial labour costs.

Classic cavity walls require far more installation time, materials and expertise to construct. In a standard pine frame cabin the walls alone would require and external cladding (which may need painting), insulation (which can be expensive if you want to ensure a good thermal rating), timber stud framing, nails, screws, internal wall coverings (If plaster is your option, it will need to be hung, joined, sanded and painted with 2-3 coats, creating a lot of mess and dust) and lastly most internal wall coverings will require architraves and edging to be properly finished.

The big bonus with solid timber cabins are, for those who like a plaster finish internally (or any other covering), this can still be hung using a batten system.

What type of timber is used to build a YZY Cabin or Granny Flat?

The entire YZY Kit Home range is build from Nordic Spruce which is formed into an LGL composite. LGL also known as Glulam, is an alternative to single origin solid timber (ie: a single piece of timber carved from a tree) which is created by layering or laminating sheets of solid Nordic Spruce to form a robust finished product (See Left). The spruce is pressed into layers and bonded with a moisture-resistant adhesive, the timber grains are layered in opposing directions to increase strength and stability.

The benefits of Solid LGL vs Solid Single Origin Timber.

One of the most notable differences between single origin solid timber and LGL solid timber is the moisture content. Shrinkage plays a big role in single origin timber construction, shortly after the structure is complete, the timber is likely to dry/reduce in moisture content by up to 10% and a further 1% in the following years. This sizeable reduction in moisture content can cause stress-related cracking and gaps in the structure.

LGL solid timber is much more stable and flexible than single origin solid timber, therefore is less likely to twist or bend during the settling period. Once the building has settled, the steel tensioning rods concealed in each corner of the YZY Structure will be tightened to ensure all wall panels are bonded as tight as possible.

Our of the factory our units are delivered with predrilled cavities for wiring and other electrical, however, additional routing can be added through our customisation process.

YZY Kit Homes offer varying wall thickness's depending on your requirements, in most Australian climates the standard 45mm or 60mm wall options work extremely well to insulate the Cabin or Granny Flat without the need for any further wall insulation, check out this Iceland Granny Flat, Built with no additional internal wall insulation.

If you would like more information on about the product range please feel welcome to reach out anytime. We offer DIY or professional installation in Victoria and New South Wales (WA & SA - DIY Kit Only).

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